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How to make $25,000 per month by productizing what you’re good at.

A productized service can completely change your life - it changed mine.

Hi, My name is Brett. 👋

I started Designjoy back in 2017. I had 0 followers, and $0 in revenue.

One year later, I was making as much as my full-time job as a designer.

Four years later, I was making more in a single month than I was making all year at my full-time job, and finally made my decision to quit my day job altogether.

Today, I've been running Designjoy for nearly 6 years, and have worked with hundreds of dream clients.

Now, I teach others not only how to build successful productized services, but ones that allow for the ultimate level of freedom and flexibility, while not making the same mistakes I made along the way.

I genuinely look forward to my work & doing what I love.

And I've made more in the past 2 years than I would have made 21 years of working as a "normal" designer.

I think it's fair to say that productized services have completely changed my life. And they can change yours too.


Full-time or part-time
Build a team or go solo
Keep it ASAP (as simple as possible)
You can make it without a following
Why you're starting the first place
Niche down, or not
How to position yourself
You don't need a big budget
Define your packages
What should I charge
Building a strong portfolio
Designing a killer site
Choose your tools
Managing payments
Common mistakes to avoid
Pitch effectively
Finding your first client
Never work for free
Build in public
Don't underestimate communities
Creating micro-resources
The 15 min sales call
Overview of my process
Communicating with clients
Operate without meetings
Upselling clients
and more!

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"This week I signed up my first client using the lessons and advice from Productize Yourself over at I'd say the course was worth every penny. Thanks Brett!"
Dan Lee
"The course has all the info one would need to get their shit off the ground. The group doubles the value too. I’ve got a second sales call next week and have been struggling as a freelancer until I found this course and community. I’m confident I’ll be killing it in a few months"
Charlie P
"Honestly, the course was exactly what I needed. An in depth conversation about how a successful entrepreneur runs his business."
"I personally loved the course, was inspired to explore this business model on a team scale."
"I personally loved the course and it inspired me to completely reevaluate my business model and build a landing page in 3 days which I’m about to launch. That alone is worth way more than $150 in my opinion."
Josh Forth
"It's been extremely validating and helpful to see a simplified and streamlined approach to this model. I was able to take the info provided, build myself a short and sweet to-do list, and I'm about a week away from launching after only purchasing this course 8 days ago."
Nicolette Yates
"Seriously though, for only $150, it's a steal. I've paid in the thousands for courses, so this was a steal. I was actually surprised how cheap it is."
Paul Del Vecchio
"This course helped me finally get over a shift in mind frame.  Coming from a very custom, manual process, project based design agency to specializing and providing faster outcomes for clients. I’m still building out this new service but I’m already breathing more easily knowing I’ll have fewer clients that I can go deeper with. They’ll be saving money, and I’ll be making more money, consistently."
Frank Stallone
"I just bought and finished the course today, it's been eye-opening on the possibilities to expand my business through this "productization" of myself for B2B web development."
Bryan Oxx
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